Nowadays, the solid fuels are the sources of energy produced in a large energy units and in the ORC systems of capacity exceeding 150kW. Commercially available micro co-generation systems run on either gas or liquid fuels. Both the Polish and the global markets lack the small-scale devices for energy production based on cheap and widely available solid fuels. The small and versatile gas turbine system, which is proposed within the project, will prove to be the groundbreaking technology that allows to produce electricity from fuels, which are currently used at most for heating.

The device will consist of a gas turbine driven by the high-temperature and relatively low pressure air. Air will be heated up to 850°C in a boiler, in which the elements under the thermal stresses will have a
temperature of 1100°C. Therefore, the air boiler will be constructed of high-temperature alloys. Air will be compressed in a gas turbine compressor.

Project goal

The project aims at building the combined heat and power generation system with the capacity of 30 kWe that utilizes biomass and coal. The device will be based on Brayton thermodynamic cycle.

For whom?

The resulting product could be intended for agricultural producers, as well as small and medium-sized industrial enterprises and service companies. Apart from Poland, the gas turbine system could be sold to the Central Asia and Africa, where there are large biomass and coal resources.